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Keeping it in the family: Political dynasty or political legacy?

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer in an interview with RealClearPolitics discussed the prospect of Hillary Clinton running for the presidency, and said that it is “time for a woman president.” Schweitzer, who is rumored to be considering a run for the

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Give a little, take a little: The duality of gender progress in America

When it comes to gender progress, America has a severe case of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. We say one thing and do another. Every day brings about another reminder. Today, I received the latest issue of Complex magazine, which supposedly focuses

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Always be closing…with relevance

Every morning I wake up and read through my Twitter feed. Usually hundreds of tweets stack up from when I go to bed till when I wake on the West Coast. Often, tweets orbit around the latest social or political

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Let’s get visual?

Pink tennis shoes. Pink stilettos. Purse boys. Pantsuit aficionados. These phrases perhaps appear to be more at home with a style section on the latest fashion trends, but recently they have found their way into countless news articles, blog posts,

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America’s workplace woes extend beyond gender

Yesterday the New York Times ran two articles that focused on gender in the workplace. The first, “Women Are at the Table, So Now What?,” posited how the increase in women in the workforce may affect workplace practices. The article

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